OnePlus 7T Shows “Manhole Cover” Camera May Not Be a Good Idea in Durability Testing


OnePlus 7TLaunched in late September, the OnePlus 7T came to prominence in its Motorola-like look with the so-called manhole cover camera. To test the strength of these and other features, the smartphone has passed a durability test.

With video was taken by JerryRigEverything on YouTube, the experiment put the device to scratch, fire and bend. You can check the results in the following player:


In the first test, the device went through several scratch attempts. On your screen, scratches began to appear from tool hardness level 6, with deeper damage from 7.

Already in its aluminum metal sides, it was possible to peel the body of the model with ease. To top it off, the rear window and the “manhole cover” camera area

Fire and curvature

When exposed to a lit lighter, the OnePlus 7T’s display held out for 25 seconds before its pixels burned out. However, even after being away from the fire, there was still a small white spot on its Fluid AMOLED panel.

But it was in the curvature the major disappointment of the Chinese manufacturer’s model. The cell phone had its rear window cracked from the center to edge the first time it came under pressure.

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Although not knowing the source of the problem, one of the hypotheses raised by the author is that the “manhole cover” jumped to make up the cameras contributed to make the glass more fragile. Despite this, the screen remained functional, as did the phone system.

Source: Youtube 


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