OnePlus 7 Pro tested by DxOMark had beta firmware, reveals manufacturer


OnePlus 7 ProOfficially launched in mid-May this year, OnePlus 7 Pro had a performance in the DxOMark camera analysis that put it in the TOP 3 of the rankings. However, the same performance was not possible to be seen in the units placed in the retail. But the explanation was given by the company.

According to the Android Authority, the manufacturer admitted – on a tour of the company – that the software version tested by the institute was still in beta, that is, it was not the same firmware placed in retail.

The build used in the tests only arrived through the 9.5.7 update recently, which brought great enhancements to the photo features.

The reason for this was the delay in the completion of the camera testing lab, which would have been operational only two months ago. The deadline prevented OnePlus from conducting all experiments in time to prepare the update for the in-store launch.OnePlus 7 Pro sp

DxOMark Criteria

It is worth remembering that TodoCelular interviewed during the MWC 2019 the vice president of marketing of DxOMark, Nicolas Touchard, and asked about the evaluation criteria and the company policy.

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The executive said the company always asks the manufacturer if it is the correct software that goes to buyers. If so, the evaluation is published. Otherwise, the entity does not reveal.

“There is a question we ask customers to confirm whether the firmware we tested is the same thing that goes to consumers during the final tests before being released – ‘Is this the right software that goes to buyers?’ -, and they say ‘Yes’ – if they say ‘No’, we do not publish. There are some other situations in which we go to the market, measure, test and publish again, if that is the case. We actually bought them all. We do the testing, we make sure it’s the correct software, we publish, but we still get the goods from the store, we do the checking, and if it matters, we call (laughs). And maybe there are problems. But we have not had it until now. Because they know our policy and are very careful. “

Nicolas Touchard

Vice President of Marketing for DxOMark



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