One more! Apple Watch is the first to help elderly after car accident


Apple WatchDespite being an expensive smartwatch, Apple Watch never tires of showing how it can be an ally in the health of users.

Even plans for health care would be contemplating making units available to seniors in the United States, and there are plenty of examples of how Tim Cook’s smartwatch saved many from death, as in the episode where a driver was about to be swallowed by mud.

Now, Apple Watch has just saved another person: Dotty White came back from a grocery store when he got caught up in an accident. The clock eventually detected the episode as a fall, and immediately got in touch with her family, since the iPhone was not within reach.

James was Dotty’s first son to receive a message, and then called his sister who had already been notified as well. It was she who ran to the place to help her mother until the arrival of medical assistance

Dotty ended up getting some broken bones. At age 87, though, she was grateful for how technology helped her in this episode.

Apple Watch last year has gained a strong ally for those who have heart problems and sometimes do not even suspect: the electrocardiogram (ECG). Limited to the United States and some other countries the resource has helped many people with accurate indications of physical complications that can be fatal.

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Remember, the watchOS 6 was announced at WWDC19, bringing a host of new features to the smartwatch, including its own App Store.



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