Numi, calculator and converter of units and currencies very powerful for Mac


All Macs include a Calculator that can be used as an application, a Notification Center widget, or a Dashboard widget. In addition, it is also possible to use Spotlight to do some simple mathematical calculations.

But what if you need something more powerful? If in addition to simple calculations you need to be able to perform complex formulas or even convert currencies, time zones or other units? In this case, Numi is one of the best options you can find at the moment.

Numi, calculator and converter of units and currencies very powerful for Mac

A very complete and useful tool for any Mac user

Numi is a free application for Mac that will allow you to perform all kinds of mathematical operations, besides converting a lot of units of different measurement systems.

The interface of this application is very different from others with similar functions. In Numi, you will find a completely clean window in which you will have to write the operation you want to perform. There are no buttons, no menus full of options, everything is based on writing what you want to calculate or convert between units.

For example, you can perform mathematical operations by writing formulas of the type: 134 x 24 + (35 x 7/295) = or convert between currencies with simple orders: 27 $ in €.

Other possibilities of Numi are:

  • Conversion of units.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Calculation of percentages.
  • Constants.
  • Functions.
  • Calculation of time differences.
  • Date and Time.
  • Temperatures.
  • Pesos.
  • Etc etc…

The most negative part we have found of Numi is that at this point he only understands English. This means that when entering an order for the application to do the calculations is necessary that you do it in English and it is not possible to use another language.

It is true that it is not a really serious problem, since, as a rule, the instructions are quite simple or are based on numbers and mathematical symbols that are the same for everyone. Still, remember that if you use it you must type inch instead of inches or in instead of in to make a currency exchange to give an example.

Numi is completely free and you can download it directly from the web of its developer.

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