Now it’s unlimited! Google removes restriction of 100 devices without certification for GApps


By the end of March, Google had announced that smartphones which did not follow certification rules could have GApps blocked. The search giant has now backtracked and removed the 100 ID limit of unregistered devices to take advantage of its applications and services.

The company gave way to pressures from users and developers after they could no longer add devices to the exception list. Complaints have arisen since the rule was applied.

Understand the situation

The certification required by Google aims to prove that the system is compatible with almost all current and former applications. This also favors that the customizations created by the manufacturers follow the norms imposed for the use of Android.

However, the restriction also affected custom ROMs. To serve the community, the search giant has created a cell phone registration page in an exception list so they can access the GApps. At first, the limit was 100 ID, changed every time a custom ROM or factory restore was installed.

certification required by Google

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From now on, custom ROM developers and their users will no longer have to worry as they can add any amount of ID. Moreover, they will no longer have to avoid the exchange of systems for the hitherto imposed limit.

If you want to add your device’s ID code to the exception list, you can do so via this link.

What do you think of Google’s decision to remove the restriction on non-certified devices? Comment below with your opinion!

Source: xda-developers


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