No fake news! YouTube, Twitter and Facebook ban protest-linked accounts in Hong Kong


fake newsGoogle, Twitter, and Facebook have officially confirmed the deletion of accounts and channels related to disclosing false information about the protests that have been taking place in Hong Kong since March this year.

Only YouTube has reportedly removed 210 channels that were moving to disseminate misinformation in a coordinated effort to

According to Twitter, the accounts identified on the social network aimed to undermine the legitimacy of the protests and sow political discord in Hong Kong.

“These accounts were deliberately and specifically trying to sow political discord in Hong Kong, including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground,” Twitter said.

According to Shane Huntley of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, the exclusions in question were consistent with the actions and observations were taken by Facebook and Twitter, which saw the move towards replication of mismatched information.

“Earlier this week, as part of our ongoing efforts to combat coordinated influence operations, we turned off 210 channels on YouTube when we found that the channels on this network behaved in a coordinated manner by uploading videos related to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. This finding was consistent with recent China-related observations and actions announced by Facebook and Twitter. ”

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Despite the announcement, YouTube did not disclose specific details about the content that was submitted by the accounts in question, so it cannot be stated that the material itself was no longer replicated in other accounts, which may result in a further deletion move by part of the video platform.

Source: TechSpot

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