Nintendo Mini Switch should arrive with NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip “Mariko” and more memory


Nintendo Mini SwitchAfter speculation that Sharp may be the supplier of screens, the Nintendo Switch Mini was the subject of a new rumor this week. The future console of the Japanese manufacturer is expected to come equipped with NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip “Mariko”, a new version of the component.

The SoC will be the same as the next NVIDIA Shield TV model and is codenamed as a revision of the Tegra X1 “Logan”. Both names refer to the characters of Marvel, Wolverine and his beloved. The discovery was made by the Digital Foundry team.

In the technical specifications, although not yet confirmed, the hardware can count on 8 GB of memory – twice in the current Switch model or 2 GB more compared to the developer kit.

In terms of power consumption, the trend is that it is smaller with the new chip, in addition to having more processing – from 1 GHz to 1.267 GHz. The configurations also suggest a reduction in component lithography: from 20 nm to 16 nm FinFET.

In terms of computational power, the trend is a considerable gain from the original Switch to the future Mini version. On the other hand, the performance difference should look something like the PlayStation 4 for the PS4 Pro. It remains to wait for new information regarding the future console of Nintendo.

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What are your expectations for the successor to the Nintendo Switch? Leave your opinion in the comments below.



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