News For All Destiny Players, Are You Guys Excited for Bioware’s Anthem?


News For All Destiny Players, Are You Guys Excited for Bioware’s Anthem?

Destiny, an MMORPG for the first-person shooter that was once marketed as a “Call of Duty Killer”. Just because it was something new, very big, and Call of Duty really fought with its audience back then. But soon after its release, we all realized that the only thing destiny would kill is our trust in Bungie, the creator of the popular Halo franchise.

Activision’s general lack of content and Activision’s efforts to milk them for years with paid expansions and in-game purchases within a $ 60 AAA game meant that people would look at these practices and be skeptical of Destiny 2.

But when the sequel came, we saw a great commotion in the community, now there was more in Destiny. A new clan system, a new system of subclasses, new raids, attacks, better short stories, more multiplayer modes, but still not enough to justify this $ 60 price.

It was a shame, a big disappointment, and although Forsaken has improved things in terms of content, modes, and story, you have to spend $ 100 extra to get everything that should have come first, at least 50% of it. In addition, the routine of moving up to the raids in the base game has been unbearable for some due to the repetitive nature of the missions and sideline activities.

Both games were overrated by the products that were not delivered, which proved to be a disappointment that many streamers could not actually produce the Destiny 2 content because there was nothing to hide.

Anthem is currently on a similar boat, BioWare’s previous game Mass Effect Andromeda has failed miserably. The lack of content, the bad story, the mistakes and the ridiculous marketing campaign led to a bad game. So, as a Destiny fan, you may find it difficult to buy what EA is trying to sell you with Anthem. Especially now it is being touted as “Assassin of Destiny”.

We live in a time when pre-order culture and in-game buying are the norm in 60-dollar games, so we have more reason to criticize the games we play.

The hit effect will affect EA’s anthem because it should be perfect. The Anthem concept looks promising, but so does Destiny. The shared open world, the experiences of cooperation, the raids, the strikes, the battles of the huge chiefs, everything seems familiar, right? There’s a lot that Anthem lends to Destiny at first sight, freelancers are guards, spears are classes and subclasses with different abilities, special abilities to inflict additional damage, the city is the tower or the farm, both games have unique names Weapons, explorable worlds with dynamic events, public events, probably gas and comparisons of both make us skeptical of what’s to come.

Activision’s Destiny and EA’s Anthem are two live service games, which means in-game purchases, probably booties, paid expansions and more. It’s definitely EA’s focus on Destiny, knowing that, are you feeling upset about Anthem? Or are you more skeptical than excited? As far as I’m concerned, I have the same concerns for Anthem that I had for Destiny 2, the lack of content, the reduced content for paid extensions, the pay-to-win model, the more advanced routine.

The fact is that Destiny not only indoctrinated his own name, but also influenced this genre. He’s made an idea about the MMORPG shooter and it’s not good. Now we think they are superficial in content, not so profound, repetitive, and most of the content is cut for paid extensions in the future.

So will Anthem live up to its own exaggeration? We are skeptical

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