New MIT Technology Uncovers Recipe Just by Viewing Food Picture


It is quite frustrating when we see a plate of food that calls attention, but we do not know the recipe to prepare it. For these people, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is developing a new technology that promises to discover the recipe for a dish directly from a photo captured by the user or withdrawal from social networks, for example.

  MIT Technology

The system is called Pic2recipe and uses neural networks to determine the recipe for such a dish. It was developed using the Food-101 Data Set, which was developed by scientists in 2014 and has a database of 101,000 food images.

However, since these are just the initial tests of the system, Pic 2 recipe can only accurately identify certain dishes. In the tests performed by the specialists, the system was able to find 65% of the recipes correctly. In an official statement, one of the project participants, Nick Hyne, stated that:

When people take photos of food, there is a lot of variation in style: whether it has been taken from near or far, whether it is a single thing or multiple parts of a complete dish and so on.

 MIT Technology

Unfortunately, however, MIT has stated that it does not intend to make this resource available to the public. At most people will be able to check the nutritional value of a certain dish and Pic2recipe will be restricted to laboratory research.

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