New face! Facebook changes brand to differentiate app company


Facebook After launching a humanly curated news guide, Facebook made another decision and announced it on Monday (4). Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced the change of its brand with a new logo.

According to the company itself, the company’s image update aims to provide more clarity about products coming from Facebook. In addition, it is a way to differentiate the company from the application – which will retain the old image. 

Facebook products

As the organization’s marketing director Antonio Lucio says, “People should know which companies make the products they use. ” So the Facebook tools will have the new logo below, as well as a new company website.

Remember that since June, applications like Instagram and WhatsApp have had “from Facebook” in their nomenclatures. See below how they will look after the changes, which should arrive in the coming weeks:

“This change in brand is a way to better communicate our ownership structure to the people and businesses that use our services to connect, share, create communities and grow their audiences.”

Antonio Lucio

Facebook Marketing Director (Company)

It’s worth mentioning: Facebook’s social networking application will remain with the same logo, without any change to the platform’s visual image.

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Do you approve of the differentiation between the company and the app promoted by Facebook? Tell us what you think in the comments space.

Source: br.newsroom.fb


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