Mouse on iPad could revolutionize mobile games, analyst suggests


Mouse With the arrival of iPadOS Apple made it very clear that the development of its tablet platform would take a different course, which makes perfect sense, seeing that tablets are different products from smartphones.

What’s new in the first release of iPadOS is the inclusion of mouse support – albeit limited, as the feature is “hidden” in Accessibility options and not enabled by default.

If Apple decided to implement more “full” peripheral support, it could revolutionize the mobile gaming market, analyst Cliff Maldonado, an expert in the mobile device market, believes.

Maldonado believes that highlighting mouse support on the iPad would open doors for PC-level gaming, far above what mobile games currently offer.

With Apple trying to sell iPad Pro as the ideal replacement for laptops, it wouldn’t be a surprise if in future versions of iPadOS the feature became more prominent.

Regarding the cannibalization of MacBook sales, the Cupertino giant doesn’t seem to be very concerned about it – Tim Cook has already said he is not afraid of cannibalization when commenting on the possible reduction in iPad demand with the arrival of iPhones bringing larger screens. :

I think it clearly creates some cannibalization – which we already knew would happen – but we don’t waste time worrying about it, because as long as it happens between us, it’s okay.

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With the Apple Arcade game service already featuring over 100 titles in its catalog, it may be the right time for the apple to open its eyes to every opportunity.


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