Motorola Razr: “Low” Screen Switching Price Surprises and Unleashes Rivals


Motorola RazrUndoubtedly, one of the biggest things that marked 2019 was the definitive arrival of the big-release folding screen devices from Huawei, Samsung’s Mate X, Galaxy Fold, and Motorola – with a touch of nostalgia. , with the new Razr.

Bringing new air into the smartphone market as a relatively premature technology, some hurdles still lie with these new devices: price and durability – or worse, the combination of these, with the high costs of screen repair.

But it seems that Motorola may initiate a change in this picture. With the most different format compared to its competitors, reminiscent of the much-acclaimed flip, the promise is that the cost of switching the Razr 2019 screen is “ just ” U $$ 299 on US soil; a big difference compared to the U $$ 600 charged when replacing the Galaxy Fold screen, for example.

Ok, Motorola’s folding screen is smaller, which may directly imply the total price of the repair, but considering that it also brings new built-in technologies, being the most compact among the three mentioned here, the difference is to be applauded. just over U $ 300.

Perhaps this is the hallmark of the timid start to the popularization of folding screen devices, like these, in addition to the high maintenance costs, bring astronomical marketing prices, easily rising from U $ 1,500.

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Anyway, with the introduction of major display manufacturers in this new screen game, like BOE, the expectation is that other brands come with their own solutions, popularizing these devices, letting us leave this small circle created by Huawei, Samsung And now, Motorola.



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