More security! Google Chrome will notify users when creating weak passwords


Google ChromeGoogle is focused on developing tools to make users’ browsing even safer, especially when it comes to registering on different websites, which can be dangerous in some situations.

To prevent the public from becoming more vulnerable to hackers, the company will make available in the Chrome browser an option that will notify you about the strength of the passwords typed, preventing the password chosen to block third-party access from being weak.

Unsurprisingly, many sites allow users to know the strength of their chosen passwords, as well as suggest that combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols may be most effective in preventing hacking. However, after several years, this is the first time that the Google browser delivers this feature natively.

Currently, Chrome does not have any type of notification, just Google that alerts on any platform about the use of repeated passwords, preventing any hacker tracking from leaving users vulnerable to intrusions that could be caused by this breach.

According to Techdows, this functionality is already available in the Canary version, through the option “Check password weaknesses”. In addition to this novelty, it is now also possible to analyze whether any passwords have been compromised or leaked to third parties by going to Settings> Passwords> Verify passwords.

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