More security! Facebook Messenger adds scam alert for users


Facebook MessengerAfter the launch of chat rooms, Facebook added a new security feature in Messenger. The app now shows a pop-up to alert users to scams or sending “potentially harmful” messages.

But the tool is not limited to just warnings. It will look for suspicious messages from strangers in order to identify whether there has been any fraud, attempted data theft, or alleged pedophilia.

In the case of minors, when they receive something from an adult they do not know, the alert would aim to educate people under the age of 18 to exercise caution when interacting with the unknown person. In addition, the resource seeks to enable them to act, before responding to a message.

In addition, Messenger will also detect when someone tries to impersonate a friend on the social network. If this happens, the app will warn users that the person may be pretending to be someone they know.

The initiative is of importance to Facebook due to the social network’s desire to make messages encrypted by default. The new functionality uses machine learning technology to analyze the general behavior of users, not the actual content of messages.

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