More publicity! Instagram should insert ads up on the Explore shortcut tab


InstagramThe same hand that gives Brazilians the possibility to use songs with lyrics synchronized in the stories of Instagram is the same that will put even more ads in the social network.

Yes: After the news feed and the temporary posts themselves, Facebook confirms that the Browse tab will now display relevant sponsored content to the user. Therefore, in addition to displaying posts based on your tastes, the platform will also put there products and brands aligned to your consumption.

This should be implemented very soon, alongside the first IGTV sponsored shows. According to the company should not be observed changes in the interface, so rest assured about the layout of the findings guide.

So, there is nowhere else to get away: anywhere in Instagram, you will be subject to be impacted by brands and products. For Facebook, it is more important to sell to advertisers their user base to sell a subscription that eliminates advertising directly to their “customers”.

Remember, soon the platform can incorporate a payment system within the stories. So by going through your friends’ temporary posts and being impacted by an ad you just have to have a credit card on hand to make that unexpected purchase.

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And you, do you bother with the number of ads on Instagram or do you consider them reasonable for the service offered? Tell us in the comments!

Price: Free+
Price: Free+



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