Microsoft takes Bing image searches to new level with AI enhancements


Microsoft Yes, Bing does exist and Microsoft invests a lot in it.

The Redmond giant’s search engine may not be the most famous tool on the market when it comes to search, but it has its qualities. And now the company is improving the platform’s image search system.

Implementing a new artificial intelligence should mean more accurate results in the hands of users. Commonly, until a few years ago, the main ally of image seekers was nothing less than the textual content of the pages to which these images were attached. Which was a clever idea for the past decade, with the limitations that technology had?

Now, systems are able to interpret visual content, and from there generate metadata of those figures and from this header present good results to those who do a search. And well, Microsoft is perfecting this at Bing. In one example presented, the company showed that a simple image of an elderly swimmer generated more complex information for keyword searches.

In this case, AI detected the age range, physical activity, and gender of the individual. That is, even if the webpage to which the file is attached does not bring this data, it will be considered when someone searches for a set of terms on which to display this photograph.

Remember, as an effort to make Bing more adopted, since last year the search engine has been used for quick searches within the SwiftKey keyboard.

Still, on Microsoft software for Android, Outlook is gaining new power by 2020, with more robust Cortana integration.

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And you, do you use Bing? What do you think about the search engine? Tell us in the comments!

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