Microsoft promises to keep Windows support on Huawei notebooks


Huawei notebooksThe commercial war between Huawei and the US government gained a new horizon when Microsoft’s name came on the scene of the farewell of Windows in China.

Microsoft has been cautious about its responses to Huawei’s blacklisting.

The company’s first move was to remove Huawei devices from its store and then return them to the shop windows – accompanied by the following note:

 We evaluate and will continue to respond to the commercial, technical, and regulatory complexities arising from the addition of Huawei to the US Department of Commerce’s List of Administration and Exportation Regulations Entities. As a result, we are resuming the sale of the existing stock of Huawei devices in the Microsoft Store.

Now the company apparently managed to get a little more clarity and, in a statement to PCWorld, the Redmond team said:

We remain committed to providing exceptional customer experiences.

Our initial assessment of the US Commerce Department’s decision on Huawei has indicated that we can continue to offer software updates from Microsoft to customers with Huawei devices.

– Microsoft

PCWorld also confirmed that Intel will continue to provide security updates and drivers for Huawei-powered devices powered by branded processors.

This news should be comforting to users who are looking for low prices on Huawei products, now that other buyers are more cautious.

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The MacBook generation currently can be found in the US Microsoft Store with official Windows support.



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