Microsoft PowerToys 0.29 is released with bug fixes and new features for tools


Microsoft PowerToys Windows is an operating system full of mysteries and trinkets for those who enjoy exploring additional features. One of these extra features is a powerful tool to further improve productivity and activate other additional system features, PowerToys.

The add-on reached version 0.29, bringing a series of novelties, in addition to bug fixes. Especially in this version, improvements were made to the color picker, FancyZones – which helps manage custom multi-window modes – and PowerToys Run, a more streamlined Run command.

All the news about the update is available below:


  • Improved bug reporting and logging tool.
  • Several location improvements.
  • CodeQL added. Fired using a stopwatch twice a day.
  • “How to” documents moved to
  • This will allow the community to make direct PRs against these documents

ARM64 progress

  • The .NET Core update to the codebases that the PowerToys team controls are complete. We still have two external dependencies that are .NET Framework that needs to be updated.

Color Picker

  • General bug fixes
  • Added ability to provide a color name in parity with Office and WinUI Color Picker.


  • Allows you to use Windows Snap-on desktops that do not have a layout applied and for applications that are on the excluded list.
  • Bug fixes

PowerToys Run

  • Improved performance
  • PT Run now supports accented characters.


  • Option to extract the MSI from .exe for business scenarios and more options to do unattended installations.
  • Removed system notifications during installation.

Did you like it? If you don’t already use PowerToys, you need to visit Microsoft’s GitHub and download it from there:

What about you, what do you think of Microsoft offering these extra tools? Tell us in the comments!

Source: neowin


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