Microsoft may launch dedicated hardware for Project xCloud and games in the cloud


xCloud and gamesAfter rumors that Microsoft is now working on just one console for the next generation, new clues point out that the company may be developing hardware specific only to Project xCloud, the company’s cloud gaming service that will compete with Google Stadia.

Leaks have indicated for months that Microsoft planned to introduce the powerful Anaconda console alongside the more accessible Lockhart, these being the successors of Xbox One X and One S, respectively. However, new information indicates that Lockhart would have been canceled.

Although only one console can be announced next year, information from reliable insider Brad Sams reveals that the company would be developing dedicated hardware for Project xCloud as rumors 2018 already indicated.

The video posted by Sams on YouTube reveals that Microsoft “has a box [boxed] console that is really low power and low latency, designed to connect directly to xCloud and deliver a better gameplay experience.”

He compares the “console” with the Google solution developed for Stadia: “They [Google] have the control that connects directly to the router, delivering better performance and making the experience seamless. console [developed] to [work with] the cloud with very little power, but that offers a better experience than just playing straight into the TV or something. ”

Sams stresses that Microsoft’s idea is not to compete with the set-top boxes or Apple TV sector but rather similar compact hardware that allows you to connect to xCloud servers and deliver more guaranteed gameplay than just running the direct game browser, notebook or smart TV, for example.

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Information is still scarce and Brad Sams himself reveals that this project is not dead. It indicates that the price of the mini-console may be less than $ 100, perhaps in the $ 60 range. This would allow potential users to bet even more on cloud games.


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