Microsoft launches WebView2 powered by new Edge based on Chromium


MicrosoftMicrosoft has already announced a new version for the WebView kit called WebView2. The new feature will help developers of Windows 10 work with the new Chromium engine that will also power the Edge.

It is compatible with some Win32 C ++ APIs, and the long-awaited compatibility of files made on top of the 32-bit version with 64-bit Windows has been implemented.

For those who do not know, WebView is an important part of many software developed for Microsoft systems. It is it that allows programs to establish online interactions, for example. When you download an application that allows you to sign in with a Google or Facebook account, it is the WebView APIs that allow this bridge.

Even the development of PWA – Progressive Web Apps – relies heavily on this tool. As its new version is supported in Chromium, the development on top of it tends to make them more universal.

To encourage the adoption of WebView2 and show its firepower, Microsoft promises to release plugins for Office attesting to the capabilities of the new API.

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In addition, to avoid conflicts, the WebView2 engine will be updated in conjunction with the new Edge by default. Developers who wish to use older versions of devkit can change their system preferences.



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