Microsoft introduces Project xCloud, its Cloud Gaming Service


It will allow you to enjoy streaming games on any mobile device.

During the past E3 2018, Microsoft announced its intentions to create a game service in the cloud that would allow enjoying games with console quality in mobiles. And now, those of Redmond have finalized that plan. Project xCloud is the ambitious streaming game service with which the Windows author company seeks to bring Xbox games to a greater number of fans.

“Project xCloud seeks to offer users new options regardless of whether they prefer PCs or consoles, giving them mobility to access immersive worlds, characters, and stories in a completely new and different way to what had been done to date”, a report from Microsoft. The philosophy is the same that has led to success streaming services dedicated to the world of film and television or music.

“Today there are more than 3000 video games available on Xbox One, and thousands will be developed in the future, so we are preparing the ground for these games to reach Project xCloud with no additional effort,” Microsoft reports. To this end, the company has partnered with content developers to adapt their titles to this new service that offers “the most advanced streaming technology in the industry” with the sole purpose that fans can “play freely regardless of the system “where they do it.

With the intention of starting public trials in 2019, Microsoft aims to bring the Xbox experience “to hundreds of millions of new players.” To that end, “new data centers with hardware identical to that of Xbox One” have been created to guarantee the compatibility of thousands of games. The Redmond also confirm that elements of the console have been introduced in the Azure servers, “which will allow remote execution of the various video games on the platform without the need for complex software.”

Microsoft is working to adapt the control of video games to the use of the touch screen of mobile devices, although it will also support drivers via Bluetooth connection. Finally, the company confirms that Project xCloud will be compatible with current 4G networks and future 5G networks. “We are getting smooth experiences with connections of 10 megabits per second, our objective,” they affirm, “is to achieve the best possible quality with the lowest possible bitrate so that all the networks of the planet are compatible.”

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