Microsoft criticizes Sony for “not listening to players” regarding cross play


With the increasingly established partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo for players on both platforms to be able to play each other in games like Minecraft, many gamers hoped that Sony would also enter the playground to play the game and make the games even more fun and no barriers for gamers, but unfortunately it seems like this is not going to happen so soon.


After the controversial statement by Kenichiro Yoshida, chief executive of Sony, where he had stated that “PlayStation is always the best place to play” and because of this the company does not intend to join the cross-play of Fortnite.

Corporate vice president of the Xbox division has decided to talk a bit about what he thinks of Yoshida’s decision.

“[Sony] still is not listening to the players. All games must be crossplay and [offer] progression with the correct input for flexibility and options for gamers”

Mike Ybarra has posted on his Twitter that Sony continues to overlook the players on its platform. According to him, all games should have shared gameplay between platforms and options for players to share the moments with each other, regardless of whether they are on the Xbox, PlayStation or Switch.

But it seems that the novel is still far from over. For now, only Nintendo and Microsoft have pledged to join the crossplay partnership between platforms. Will it be if the business model adopted by Sony really will work as it imagines? Or is the company will be doomed to failure if it continues to deny cross-platform gameplay to its users? Comment below!


Source: Twitter


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