Microsoft Adds Gears 5, Dead Cells, and Other Games to Xbox Game Pass in September


Microsoft September has barely begun and Microsoft is already giving good news to Xbox platform gamers as the company recently released the list of games to be featured on this month’s Game Pass.

And to the surprise of users, the subscription service is giving customers the opportunity to play the game Gears 5, which is Microsoft’s flagship Xbox One console exclusive this year and will be officially released tomorrow.

In addition to this, Dead Cells arrives today (05) to make a good choice of the game while everyone is waiting for the latest console title to be available to play, as the action rogue-lite can be attractive and extremely addictive.

But the list doesn’t stop there, because Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will also be available this Thursday, which is very conducive to a day known for nostalgia involving the #tbt hashtag.

Along with Gears 5, Creature in the Well also comes to Game Pass. However, on the 12th, Gonner: Blueberry Edition and Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon arrive to leave next week full of news.

It does not stop there! Towards the end of September, the Bad North: Jotun Edition and Shadow Warrior 2 games will also be available to those with the plan.

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For those not yet a subscriber, Game Pass is a Microsoft plan that allows Microsoft customers to access more than 100 Xbox One games for $ 9.90. Recently the developer also made available a plan option for Windows users, where it is possible to play several titles on the PC for $ 13.90.

Source: polygon


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