MacBook style: Huawei may launch MateBook X 2020 with pressure-sensitive trackpad


Huawei The Huawei MateBook X was the Chinese giant’s first premium ultrabook, launched in 2017 with respectful specifications and excellent features for productivity, including 13-inch 3: 2 screen with 2K resolution, Dolby Atmos-certified audio system and Intel Core i5 processors and seventh-generation i7.

The device did not get a successor but saw a Pro version announced in February last year, with the revised hardware and cooling system and even better features. Both devices bring strong inspiration to the Apple MacBook, not only in its design but also in its settings and market positioning.

Now, the manufacturer would finally be preparing the launch of a new MateBook X, once again taking its main rival as an example and adopting a feature present in Apple computers: a pressure-sensitive trackpad. The technology would replace the classic mechanical system found on the vast majority of Windows laptops with a glass plate with touch-sensitive sensors and different pressure levels.

If it follows exactly what the Cupertino giant has implemented in its notebooks, and even in some iPhone models, such as the iPhone 8 and the latest iPhone SE, the new trackpad would have a set of engines to provide haptic feedback, simulating with precision the sensation provided by the traditional click. Still, according to the rumors, Huawei would call the technology Free Touch

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Although few details are known, both about the new trackpad and about the computer itself, there is not much left to have more details, since the reveal event of the new MateBook X should happen next August 19th.


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