Little Dragons Cafe Opens in Spain in October


It is the new video game of the author of Harvest Moon for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Little Dragons Cafe Opens in Spain in October

Rising Star Games has announced that the upcoming Little Dragons Café, the new video game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch developed by the author of the veteran Harvest Moon series, Yasuhiro Wada, will be released in Spain on 4 October. Management proposes to take the reins of a cafeteria while we take care of a small dragon.

In this colorful adventure starring twin brothers, we must find the best raw materials to make succulent dishes that encourage more customers to visit our business. All this while looking for the cure for the strange disease that suffers his mother and, of course, takes care of a small dragon that seems to be related to that same disease.

If we take good care of this creature it will rise in level, improving its training. This will allow us to explore new areas on an island plagued with raw materials with which we will increasingly be able to elaborate a greater variety of dishes. True to the Harvest Moon style, in Little Dragons Café we will also have to grow food or go fishing to obtain these precious resources.

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