LG announces Samsung to shut down new QLED TVs with burn-in guarantee


During CES 2018 CES presented its new televisions with QLED technology and high quality of images, colors, and definition, and among the new features included in the new TVs is the fact that Samsung Displays itself now manufactures the OLED panels of its televisions. As a result, the company unveiled new announcements that left LG unhappy.

According to Business Korea information, LG Electronics from Thailand and Malaysia would have sent “official documents” for Samsung Electronics from Thailand and Malaysia to close their advertising campaigns for the new QLED TVs.

In the ads, you can see below, consumers are informed that Samsung’s new TVs have “10-year warranty” on burn-in cases – when the screen has definite white patches, something commonplace on OLED technology displays.

LG announces Samsung to shut down new QLED TVs with burn-in guarantee

The phrase might sound indifferent to many people since Samsung is only promoting the huge guarantee against any possible problems, but LG understood its competitor’s actions as an offense, claiming that Samsung is “cheating its consumers with this advertisement” and insinuating that its new QLED TVs have an advantage over OLED, says the site

And it is not the first time that Samsung pinpoints LG in an advertisement to promote its new QLED televisions. In August last year, the company ran an “image retention test” campaign where two televisions were placed side by side in a 12-hour playback test: an LG OLED and a Samsung QLED.

LG Electronics is planning to file suit against Samsung Electronics unless the company removes its advertising. In addition to Thailand and Malaysia, Samsung broadcasts the same advertising campaign in North America and Europe.

Source: Businesskorea

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