Lenovo Z6: Use of the Snapdragon 730 processor is confirmed


Lenovo Z6New information about Lenovo Z6 has begun to emerge. After seeing part of its design in images revealed by a brand executive and some of its main features, we now have the confirmation of what your processor will be.

The information came from the vice president of the Lenovo group, Chang Cheng, through a publication on his social network, which revealed that it will bring even the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 eight-core clock with a maximum clock of 2.2 GHz. Unfortunately, there is no date for that the smartphone is made official, but it is believed that it should not take too long.

Lenovo Z6 should feature Snapdragon 730, Sony’s triple camera and large battery

Lenovo has officially commissioned two new models from its flagship series recently, including the Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition, a cost-effective middleware, and the Lenovo Z6 Pro, a top-of-the-line four-camera rear end and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Now, it seems that another model, the standard Z6, is coming close to becoming a reality since it has given its face on several opportunities lately, and today it leaked again.

Today Lenovo’s vice president, Chang Cheng, shared an image revealing some of the key features of the new Chinese phone. What can be confirmed right away is the model, which will be identified by L78121, which is the same found in previous certifications.

In addition, without revealing the exact name of the processor, only cites the name “God U”, indicating that it will be a powerful chip. However, after the benchmark tests in which it was found, we see that it must be Snapdragon 730, for recording scores compatible with it. It’s the same chipset seen on the Samsung Galaxy A80 and the Xiaomi Mi 9T.

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Finally, the image still quotes that the Lenovo Z6 will own a system of triple cameras of Sony. Anyway, since Lenovo Z6 Pro and Youth Edition have a drop-shaped slot, it’s very possible that the standard device will also bring that kind of notch. Finally, it is expected to bring a long-lasting battery, up to two days of use. Certifications indicate that it will be 4000 mAh.

Source: www.gizmochina.com


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