It’s time to rest from reality with new Game “Shape of the World”


shape of the WorldDevelopers Shape of the World will allow you to plunge into an amazing virtual world. You have never seen this before.

Once upon a time, four years ago, the Hollow Tree Games studio began to work on creating a very non-standard project. The developers said that they want to give the user an opportunity to relax from reality, forget about all sorts of irritants and relax, travelling the virtual world. Four years of work went to the game Shape of the World for the benefit – now gamers are in an indescribable ecstasy from what is happening on the screen. Yes, and in Steam, reviews are extremely positive, which is quite rare.

The project Shape of the World is something very unusual so that even the genre to pick up will be problematic. Developers call their creation an adventure with elements of the puzzle, but in fact, there are no complicated quests and riddles. During the passage, you generally will not think about any difficulties, the whole essence of the novelty is to give the user the opportunity to relax and contemplate the surrounding beauty. We seem to have a goal of finding an “exit”, but you are absolutely not being pushed to achieve it. The virtual world is more disorienting, so that you study all its charms and features longer.

This is what the developers have added. The virtual world is generated randomly, without certain rules. In just a few minutes you can see a whole kaleidoscope of locations with forests, mountain peaks and pendant bridges. This same element of the game process allows you to pass the Shape of the World anew several times because each attempt will be unique. For one such call, you will spend about three hours, which is quite enough for a rest in the evening after a hard working day. Then, when you get bored with reality, you can start the game again to repeat this fascinating journey. 

The shape of the World is released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 

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