Intel’s HEDT Platform will be Divided into Two: Z399 and X599


The New LGA 2066 and LGA 3467 Platforms Are Already Near.

Intel's HEDT Platform will be Divided into Two: Z399 and X599

According to the PCBuildersClub portal, Intel plans to split its HEDT platform (high-end desktops) into two platforms, Z399 and X599, which will be the successors of Skylake-X and X299. If we go back to the presentation that Intel made in the past Computex, you will remember that the company boasted power (and hide overclock ) with that 28-core processor running at 5 GHz. This processor was mounted on the huge LGA 3467 socket. The current X299 platform uses the LGA socket 2066, which is smaller than the LGA socket 3467, and therefore offers fewer pins. Intel needs more space to increase the number of cores. How to take the step with all the HEDT processors to that major socket would be very expensive, the only option is to diversify.

With the release of the second-generation Ryzen Threadripper processors, Intel has to make changes to recover the processor segment of more than $ 1500. As we read in PCBuildersClub, the next Intel Z399 boards will be compatible with processors of up to 22 cores, while the X599 will do with the 28 cores. The launch of the AMD Threadripperseries was a blow to Intel’s HEDT platforms, due to the red-gold’s great core-price relationship. The key now is whether Intel can offer something competitive in that segment.

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