Instagram tests Threads app as potential direct competitor of Snapchat


Instagram Instagram again sought inspiration from Snapchat for the launch of a new product. This is because the social photo network started the theses with a “more intimate” messaging app that should be used for sharing status and location.

For now, its internal name is Threads, and the app should be used to regularly update user status. This will offer you the ability to share the real-time location, speed and even battery life of the phone.

Another point made by The Verge folks is that Threads should look a lot like Instagram Direct. This will allow you to see friends online and if anyone has posted any Stories recently. The initiative should also replace the social networking chat tab :

If you want to post Stories, Threads is designed to provide a camera for capturing videos and photos, and you can add stickers and other features already on Instagram.

After customizing the registration, the user can send it to any contact, something very similar to what we already know in Snapchat. For now, Instagram does not comment on the subject officially.

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In addition, it seems that the novelty should take time to be commercially launched. That’s because Facebook started testing this week and it may take some time for the app to be stable.

Source: theverge

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