Instagram presents instabilities on Tuesday (30)


Instagram The Instagram app is going through yet another period of instability this Tuesday (30th), Mark Zuckerberg’s social network started to fail in the late morning, with complaints registered in the DownDetector starting at 10:38 am and with a peak of around 1,700 notifications around 11:50 am

On the monitoring website, Internet users complain that the platform app doesn’t even open on Android devices, such as the Moto G9 Play, Galaxy A11, or Redmi Note 8, so far, however, there are no reports of failure on iOS phones.

DownDetector points out that 63% of complaints registered on the portal are related to “general failures” of the platform, while 35% represent difficulties in accessing the application and 1% in making publications on the social network.

This is not the first time that the application has failed for a large number of users this month, on March 19 the social network also went through a period of instability, as well as other services of the group of Mark Zuckerberg, such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself.

So far, however, there is no evidence that the other social networks in the conglomerate are flawed, with a peak of just 6 notifications for Facebook and 18 for WhatsApp.

At the time of this publication, however, access to the application began to be normalized on some devices, but it may take a few minutes before the entire user base of the social network can see improvements in use.

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So, did you have or still have any difficulty accessing Instagram this Tuesday? Comment with us in the space below.

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