Instagram and Facebook will test new enabling and withdrawal of the likes counter



Instagram has announced that it will test a new function to enable and disable the number of likes on posts shared on the social network. The company started to remove the likes counter in 2019, and the measure was something to talk about.

While the initiative sought to reduce the concern of users about the popularity of posts and encourage the creation of content without these strings attached, those using the platform to do business saw the withdrawal of the bookmark as a complication when it comes to knowing if everything is on the right track.

Now, the social network aims to please all tastes: users will be able to enable or disable the counting of likes not only in other people’s posts but also in their own publications. It will be possible to activate the feature and choose usage parameters in the application settings.

And the news does not stop there: the measure will also extend to Facebook this time. Unlike Instagram, the social network had not received anything similar and so far has not changed, but this should start to be noticed in the coming weeks.

Instagram reported that testing the enable counting function had been taken out of priority due to the coronavirus pandemic since the company needed to focus on other issues.

Recently, the social network launched features such as a new blocking option to improve the fight against harassment, a new policy to hinder contact between unknown adults and adolescents, and it seems that it started developing a version for children.

The platform did not give details about the duration of the tests or when the news will reach broadly for mobile devices. For now, the new functionality will only be available to a small number of users around the world.

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