In view the MEG Z390 God Like Plate from MSI


Another plate with the new Intel chipset.

In view the MEG Z390 God Like Plate from MSI

Until now, the GODLIKE motherboard series from MSI has always been the most advanced of the brand, offering features and features that are rare on ordinary plates. Now that the ninth generation of Intel processors and its corresponding Z390 chipset is approaching, MSI (through Zaltak PC Systems ) plans to take that series of plates a little further. In the image that you have above, you can see some forceful power phases, three M.2 connectors with its three heatsinks and the whole collection of lights, RGB, OLED …

Apart also has many other connectivity options, with dual USB 3.1-second generation heads, two USB 3.0 and what look like six SATA connectors and a U.2 connection. This already works of meticulous observation and inquiry because what we just mentioned barely distinguishes itself in the darkness of the photo. What is clear is that it is an EATX board, which is larger than the current ATX.

When it comes to power, the MEG Z390 has two eight-pin EPS / CPU connectors, one six-pin for PCIe placed just above the PCIe 16x slot. A situation of difficult access, really, but anyway, that connector will only be used in the case of weight overclocks for several cards. In total, we have three PCIe 3.0 16x slots. It is assumed that on October 8 we will see the new Intel motherboards, so until then we will not know more about this or the rest of the Intel Z390.

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