In 2021! Samsung Exynos with AMD GPU has possible leaked launch period


Samsung ExynosThe date is approaching when we will see an Exynos chipset accompanied by an AMD Radeon GPU. At least, that’s what the Ice universe pourer indicates. In a publication on Sunday morning, he informed the component’s launch period.

According to the leaker, in his official Twitter account, the officialization will take place in the second or third quarter of 2021. He also points out that it will be used in the next processors of the Exynos 2xxx and Exynos 1xxx families. Check it out below:

By the indication of Ice universe, it means that the partnership between Samsung and AMD will not be limited only to chips intended for the brand’s top of the line. But also supposedly the company’s intermediaries will also come equipped with a GPU Radeon inside.

Another important point mentioned in the publication is that the Korean manufacturer will be able to change the launch time of its new chipsets. They are always presented at the beginning of the year, already to equip the devices that will be announced in the following weeks. If there is such a definite schedule change, the chips would be made official around the middle of the year.

Samsung had confirmed the production of an Exynos with AMD Radeon GPU about two weeks ago for its next top of the line. However, it was not clear whether he would come only next year or would debut in the second half of this year. This new information may have clarified to the public when to expect a new brand flagship.

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So, what are your expectations for the next Exynos chipsets with graphics from AMD? Comment with us!


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