Huawei moves away from Xiaomi and should not launch smart home appliances


HuaweiDespite being a giant in China, Huawei is unwilling to follow the same path as Xiaomi. That’s because the company’s CEO, Richard Yu, said the company has no plans to launch smart home appliances.

As we know, this is one of the main highlights of Xiaomi, which has even launched a multifunctional breakfast machine. However, Yu believes that Huawei needs to follow a different path.

Thus, during the presentation of the MatePad Pro, the executive confirmed that Huawei should focus only on selling mobile phones, audio and video products, computers, tablets, bracelets, and even smart clothes.

Although not entering the home appliance market, Yu also said that Huawei should continue to invest heavily in its IoT ecosystem. So even though your coffee maker is not from the company, it can be controlled by a Huawei smartphone or TV :

Our goal is to improve the user experience of smart products. Therefore, Huawei smartphones and IoT products are all inseparable. In the future, your home hardware may be controlled by Huawei mobile phones.

Richard Yu also added that the company is already working to integrate all existing devices into its IoT platform. So no matter if the microwave is Xiaomi or Panasonic, it can be used normally in a smart home.

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Do you believe this is a good way for Huawei? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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