Huawei Mate 40 Pro screen should use the same ultra-thin glass used in folding cell phones


Huawei Mate 40 ProRecent leaks suggest that Huawei’s next top of the line, Mate 40 Pro – which is apparently experiencing problems in mass production – should adopt a technology currently used in foldable smartphones for its screen.

We are talking about UTD ( Ultra-Thin Display ), which was created specifically for foldable smartphones, which implies that the model can reach the market with a curved or flexible screen.

Huawei’s Mate 40 line should include, as always, two models, the traditional Mate 40 and the Pro variant, but it seems that another notebook that will hit the market as a successor to Mate X may also be presented soon.

The Mate 40 series devices should be the first on the market to feature the Kirin 1020 processor, manufactured in 5-nanometer lithography by TSMC.

The announcement should take place in October, however, it could end up being delayed due to production problems, as well as the constant sanctions imposed by the US government on the Chinese manufacturer.

The source also indicates that, despite these limitations, Huawei still expects to sell at least 8 million Mate 40 smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2020, which shows a certain optimism of the brand regarding the upcoming models.

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According to the Chinese website MyDrivers, the successor to the Kirin 990 should offer up to 50% more performance, which should make the Mate 40 line much more interesting than the P40 in terms of processing power.

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