Here is the courage! Flappy Royale has beta released for Android and iOS and resuscita classic


Flappy RoyaleResponsible for great success on mobile platforms during 2014, the game Flappy Bird caught the attention at the time for presenting a challenging and simple title, which is responsible for driving more than $ 50,000 in ad revenue per day.

The success of the game was so much that even Google took advantage of his idea and integrated a customized version in the area of ​​easter eggs Android Lollipop, replacing the well-known bird by its android mascot and the pipes, by giant lollipops.

Since then, it’s common to see other developers bringing in alternative versions with new implementations, right up to a version that builds on augmented reality for iOS.

However, it seems that the versions released so far have not been enough and recently another alternative appeared in the network: the Flappy Royale.

As its name delivers, the new game combines the traditional Flappy Bird with the idea of ​​battle royale games, allowing you to compete with 100 players in real time.

Available for Android and iOS (still in testing), the new title can now be downloaded through the Google Play Store and through the TestFlight program on Apple devices.

In addition, it is also possible to play the demo version of Flappy Royale through the link below, and it is executed in any browser with an internet connection.

So what do you think about resurrecting Flappy Bird with an online dispute version? Talk to us in the comments!

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Flappy Royale
Price: Free



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