Heart Analyzer Overhauls its Apple Watch app


Heart Analyzer is an Apple Watch app that lets you see your heart rate data in different ways on your wrist. It has been refreshed with a maintain look, new pretty charts and more.

The app has been completely rebuilt with rich support for the watchOS 6 updates. SwiftUI and other modern technologies help to bring its beautiful, fluid user interface to life.

Now you can see additional detail for your Apple Watch workouts as well as graph metrics like Activity and Cardio Points from the past week, right on your wrist. Besides everything the refreshed software now makes it possible to select your complication preferences on the watch. There’s also a new daytime graph customization for those people who don’t want to wear their watch at night.

Heart Analyzer: New Feature

Heart Analyzer brings new features to its iPhone app, too. As it, support for partial Heart Reports from halfway through the month and breaks in workout graphs. It not only lets you visualize when you took a break but also prevents those breaks from impacting your average heart rate.

For those who don’t know, Heart Analyzer integrates with the Health database. With support for VO2Max, Heart Rate Variability, Workouts, Heart Rate Recovery, and other metrics. Heart Analyzer is an offline app. Make sure no third-party analytics or ads are used.

Here’s an excerpt from their privacy policy:

The heart Analyzer ensures privacy and security. All data gathered by the app remains within the app at all times. All data is erased when the app is uninstalled. The app never uses the Internet for anything including data transfers. It can’t collect and share data about any individual users, about you or any app users with others.

People having an older Apple Watch model, or those who haven’t yet updated to watchOS 6, will access the original Heart Analyzer app with a handful of new fixes.


Heart Analyzer for iPhone and Apple Watch is available free from App Store. But with optional upgrades to enable customizations, deep analytics, and extended data. So buy an Apple watch and try this amazing feature. Let us know in the comment section below!

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