Google will force manufacturers to install Digital Wellness and Family Link apps with updates


DigitalToday is a busy day in the Android community: a large Google document has leaked and it concerns manufacturers’ operating system usage guidelines. The company, for example, will end certification of devices for Android 9 Pie and is creating a recognition program for gamers.

Another new feature is the need for manufacturers to offer Digital Wellness and Family Link apps with their smartphones. The reasons are obvious: The search giant’s two tools are big news from the latest updates and extremely useful for a more conscious use of the phone.

The first offers an area where you can see how long the device has been with the screen on, in which apps the user spends the most time, and see how many times has unlocked the phone on the day. In addition, you can configure some controls so that your smartphone distracts us less throughout the routine.

The second, Family Link, is an app that allows you to set restriction controls on the use of certain functions in the Android environment. Parents may determine which apps and how long they can run on a device.

Brands must certify new devices with these two apps if they want to use Google services. Xiaomi, Huawei and some others will have these rules relaxed for some time as they have similar solutions, but even for them this implementation will be a matter of time.

It is noteworthy that even smartphones already launched in the market – and that do not have these apps – should receive it soon: the company is taking so seriously the implementation of this software that determines that even future updates to be released from Android 9 or 10 for handsets on the market should consider services except for those companies that are on Google’s “friend list” for now.

Of course, the user will only use these tools if desired.

Remember, Google is also changing how long an app can be “soaked” until released on the Play Store. The measure aims to prevent more harmful tools from spreading on the platform, making the environment safer for the user.

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And you already use the Google Digital Wellness tool in your daily life? What do you think of her? Tell us in the comments!

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