Google Chrome tests feature that can increase notebook autonomy


Google Chrome testsWhile looking for ways to reduce RAM consumption on Windows 10 devices, Google decided to attack another Chrome issue. According to the most recent information, the search giant now wants to reduce browser energy expenditure.

It is not news to anyone that Chrome tends to impact battery consumption in notebooks with Windows 10. So, after many complaints and provocations from Microsoft, Google decided to act to remedy the problem.

According to people who work at the company, the idea is to limit the background processes of all tabs that are not in use.

The intention is to limit the use of javascript in background guides to prevent them from being involved in “unnecessary” tasks.

Tests by Google indicate that the freeze on Javascript can improve a laptop’s autonomy by up to 28%, something that can offer two more hours of use .

Javascript would no longer check the position of the scroll, report bugs and analyze interactions with ads.

In order to reduce possible problems, Google should only disable javascript after 5 minutes of inactivity in tabs that are in the background. Corporate customers will also be given an option to disable the feature preventively.

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For now, the novelty is being tested internally on Chrome 86. So we still don’t know when Google will release the improvement for all users.


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