Google Assistant receives redesign in the “Food Preferences” section with new options


Google AssistantGoogle today released an update to its Assistant that modifies the “Food and Beverage” category in the app’s preferences settings. Now renamed “Food Preferences”, the section has undergone a major redesign, presenting a more intuitive and easy to use interface, in addition to having new configuration options.

With a new look, the resource continues to question your preferences or dietary needs, whether vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, but on a more inviting-looking card. The big news then appears on the food selection screens, now presented in a grid, instead of a list. The user must then touch the thumb up or down, according to their own tastes.

Another highlight is the possibility to select cuisines from specific countries, and even ingredients, which will then be recommended by the Assistant. There are 13 types of food from all regions of the world, in addition to 30 different ones, organized in different tabs displayed in a carousel of options. All options will also be displayed in the “all” tab.

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The Food Preferences section is already being distributed to all users on Android and iOS and can be found in the Assistant settings, under the “You” tab. The novelty arrives on the same day that the search giant released version 85 of Chrome OS, full of news in the settings and system search. The update had already been made available to developers in June.


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