Galaxy S10 and Note 10: Samsung Promises Fix for Digital Reader Failure


Galaxy S10Samsung has promised a new software update to address a serious security hole affecting the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. That’s because users reported that just using a “gel” film to fool the fingerprint sensor of these devices.

According to information revealed by SamMobile, a user bought a film for only $ 3 (~ $ 12) on eBay. By applying it to her S10, she found that anyone could unlock the device.

This is because the smartphone’s fingerprint sensor works with ultrasound technology, emitting sound waves to create a three-dimensional “map” of the finger.

Apparently, the material of this film interferes directly with the reader, generating a false positive. So no matter if the person has never used that device, it will always unlock automatically.

All of the above-mentioned devices use the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, but it is still unclear how the upgrade will resolve this issue. In addition, South Korea also recommends that users buy only official screen savers until the update is officially released.

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However, the failure leaves the owners of these devices with few options to protect the screen of their smartphones. This is because traditional glass films also prevent the fingerprint sensor from working properly, causing any finger to be rejected.

Source: Reuters


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