Galaxy Labs: Samsung launches new apps that let you control your phone’s processor


Galaxy LabsAfter announcing the new SmartThings Labs with tests of new features for Samsung’s most advanced phones, the South Korean is launching more news for Galaxy Labs, which now allows checking the phone’s memory consumption in detail and even having thermal control of the cell phone processor. In addition, existing applications received a new look.

Starting with the new features in the existing apps at Samsung Labs, Battery Tracker and Battery Guardian now allow you to check the information in more detail with a history of the last 24 hours or 7 days.

Battery Guardian now has new options for saving energy while you are sleeping. Just mark what time you usually sleep and the phone will enter this mode to conserve battery during this period.

It is worth mentioning that File Guardian has been discontinued since most applications now have a recycle bin to recover accidentally deleted files.

Now, if you want more control over your phone’s CPU, Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian can be great allies. Memory Guardian allows you to view a report on the device’s RAM usage and close those that are consuming, draining your battery and reducing cell phone performance.

Thermal Guardian is what should attract users’ attention. As it is possible to monitor the temperature of the cell processor. The application also identifies certain actions such as loading, high CPU usage, and other behaviors that can affect these numbers that are shown on a dynamic chart.

But that’s not all, Thermal Guardian still allows you to switch a thermal control where you can choose to keep your phone cooler by giving up performance or extracting more processor power at the cost of facing higher temperatures.

You can download all APK files for Galaxy Labs installation via the link below on the SamMobile website:

  • Galaxy Labs on SamMobile – access

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Remember that these applications are adapted to work with Samsung’s One UI, so their use is not recommended on smartphones from other manufacturers.


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