For insiders! Microsoft releases new features for iOS Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint


 Microsoft With mobile phones increasingly reducing the need for computers, it is natural for productivity-driven software to gain more and more features in their mobile versions.

Adobe offers sophisticated versions of its suite for Android and iOS, and the latest case is that of Adobe Premiere Rush. But today the subject is Microsoft, which has released small – but welcome – updates to Office programs.

The update is already being made available to Insiders on iOS. New features come to Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. In the first you can now use a function called Shared Mailboxes, allowing users to read, send emails, monitor messages, and view shared calendars.

Already in Excel, the new thing involves the most advanced use of spreadsheets, with Dynamic Arrays. It will allow users to enter a formula that has multiple results, allowing values ​​to automatically appear in neighboring cells.

For PowerPoint, the novelty is a new mode of navigation that allows the exploration of the slides without the need to open the editing mode.

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As you can see, all the news – for the time being, distributed to Insiders on iOS – involves features that should make apps use faster, making users spend less time on them. Last December the company even started to implement a dark mode for some apps in the suite.

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