Find out if you’ve been affected by Facebook data leakage


The Cambridge Analytica episode still promises to give Facebook a headache: this week Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the US Congress on open-ended research on the case, and the company still needs to redeem confidence with its users.

For this, the social network is sending notifications to its community if pronouncing on the episode, and they can be different if their data have been compromised in this whole history.

For users who have not had their information compromised among the more than 80 million involved, the company displays a notice stating the importance of keeping your information secure, followed by a button for reviewing applications and third-party sites that have access to your data.

Already for those who unfortunately were victims, the network announces the confirmation of the exposure, followed by instructions to control with which external applications the information is shared, and to show how the user was affected by the leak.Facebook data leakage

Other dangers?

Since the Cambridge leak spilled, Facebook has spiraled into a spiral of scandals involving the privacy of its community. It was the preservation of videos that should have been deleted, the registration of calls and SMS by his official application on Android, and even Zuckerberg taking advantage and disappearing with messages from him from the network.

The image of the social network has been very compromised, and the company’s actions have already fallen by at least 15% in the last month, showing that security – if not taken seriously – tends to harm everyone involved.

To trust or not to trust? That is the question. Leave your opinion in the comments!


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