Faster Payout: Google Pay gets even more integrated with Chrome


Faster PayoutGoogle knows that convenience at the time of payment is a big differential, so it made the procedure even easier on your Chrome browser when using Google Pay – formerly called Android Pay.

Previously, it was necessary to enable Chrome Sync so that the payment information was synchronized between the various devices of the user, but now the information will be made available automatically – both on the mobile and desktop – if the card’s CVC (verification code) is to authenticate the transaction.

The search giant has been working hard to expand its mobile payments system and even offers integration with PayPal, available from thousands of retailers around the world.

After payment is made using Google Pay, the customer will receive an email receipt stating the details of the transaction.

You can associate both credit and debit cards (with some banks’ restriction, of course) to your Google account, and all information can be managed in the Forms of Payment option.

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While on Google Sync, it will still need to be activated manually, if the user so wishes – but as from now the payment information is tied to Google accounts, just enter the email and password that Google Pay will already be available.

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