Face ID for Macs reappears in Apple patent with extra features


Face IDFace ID debuted on the market in 2017 with the arrival of the iPhone X, marking a new era in apple biometrics, expanding the following year to the iPad, in the Pro model as well – and all indications as well. 5G, it should not take long for facial recognition technology to reach Macs as well.

We had previously commented on a long-standing patent that mentioned technology similar to Kinect for the Mac camera, and now another document has further detailed information on what we can expect for the Face ID equivalent on Apple computers.

In addition to serving the primary purpose – payment authentication, form filling, and credentials, etc. – the special sensor would also allow machines to detect when the user is nearby, alternating between a low power health state to preserve life Battery

This toggle system would also be responsible for preventing Macs from going to sleep even if the user wasn’t interacting directly with them (for example, while reading a long article or when watching a movie or listening to podcast/music).

It may even be that Apple decides to implement this more “advanced” version of Face ID on the iPhone and iPad in the future, delivering even more possibilities over the user experience.

The arrival of Face ID on Macs is already imminent – Apple has implemented the T2 chip to enhance security and keep user data protected, so nothing more congruent than enhancing this protection with even more advanced biometrics.

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The Cupertino giant currently uses Face ID on iPhone and iPad Pro, but still adopts Touch ID on Macs and non-Pro iPad models.

Source: patft.uspto.gov

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