Essential Phone 2? Company is close to making big announcement, CEO


Essential PhoneIt’s been over two years since Andy Rubin, one of the founders of Android, unveiled the first generation of his own smartphone, called Essential Phone, or Essential PH-1.

Today, almost six months after it has been discontinued, we see indications that its successor, Essential Phone 2, may be close to being announced, due to a recent tweet from Andy himself.

Some patents of the brand already gave indications that his successor was already on the way, and many users ask for a new device. Through a topic on Twitter, Rubin revealed in response to a user that the company plans to “make an announcement” at the same time that the public should “stand firm”.

Unfortunately, no other information was provided, but because the conversation started after a user asked about a new smartphone, this could be a sign of the launch of Essential Phone 2.

Although the patents indicate a smartphone with great use of a screen and without the notch, no other official information had been said, until that moment. It is worth remembering, even, that rumors pointed to the cancellation of a project that supposedly was of the second generation model.

In any case, it is not clear what Essential is planning, but it would certainly be interesting to see a brand new smartphone. After all, its design, at the original time, showed that it was a solution considered ahead of its time, because of the notch in a drop shape and the thin edges.

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Even in 2019, it does not appear to be a dated device, however much the lower edge is not as thin as that of other products today.

Source: phonearena


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