DxOMark shows Pixel 3a as the best intermediate and the minimum distance of the regular model


DxOMarkThe line Pixel 3a was born with the proposal of offering the photographic experience of the line in models less powerful, but more accessible. The DxOMark tests are already on the air, and well, it seems that Google has fulfilled its mission.

The smartphone has reached 100 points, which makes it only 1 away from its more sophisticated brother. This note still places him, with a lot of slack, as the best cameraphone of the list in the segment of intermediaries, behind him we see Mi Note 3 (90 points) and more behind there Galaxy A50 (83).

The note from the Pixel 3a still leaves you in fronts of last year’s top-of-the-line phones like the Mi 8, Galaxy S9 Plus, Note 8 and OnePlus 6T; in front of some of that flagships also like the G8 ThinQ, and better positioned than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

With the same sensor behind the Pixel 3 – a 12.2 MP f / 1.8 lens with optical stabilization, dual-pixel PDAF technology, and dual-LED flash – in fact, the devices only have different notes because of the chipset that powers them: Pixel 3 comes with a Snapdragon 845 that is able to work better with real-time processing than the optical sensor captures, while the more affordable version Snapdragon 670 has a few fewer resources.

DXOMark also highlights that the Pixel 3a shines when it comes to providing good color accuracy in a variety of exhibition environments with good detail quality. But its weak point is when we talk in the video when the result is lower than expected in low light environments.

Remember, we are close to the official Google Pixel 4, which for the first time on the line should offer a double – or even triple – a system of lenses in the rear.

With a good reputation among cameraphones, the Pixel line has all the help of Google Camera, search engine software exclusive to its smartphones, but widely ported by third parties to other popular cell phones on the market.

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And you, what do you think about the result of Pixel 3a? Are you interested in buying the appliance? Tell us in the comments!

Source: www.dxomark.com


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