Download and Install button in gray on iPhone or iPad? Here is the possible solution


Has Apple released a new version of iOS but you can not update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as the Download and Install button appears in gray?

As we always say it is very important to keep the devices updated to the latest version of the operating system. This avoids potential security breaches and, in general, also makes all apps perfectly compatible and everything works normally.

Download and Install button in gray on iPhone or iPad? Here is the possible solution

Solutions for when the Download and Install button is gray

With this in mind, it is normal to be worried if your device shows the Download and Install button in gray, but quiet, because normally the solution is quite simple, although not always as obvious as it should.

This button is so important since it is the one that initiates the process of updating iOS through OTA. It is within Settings – General – Software update and when touching it is when the legal notice that we must accept to start the download of the new version appears.

The fact that it appears in gray means that we can not touch it and start the update, but surely with the following checks the problem will be solved and the button will recover its blue color to continue the process normally.

1.- Check WiFi connectivity

To perform an iOS update through OTA ( Over The Air ) it is necessary that the device is connected to a WiFi network and that it has connectivity to the Apple servers. If any of these points fail it is not possible to start the download and therefore the button appears in gray.

The ideal thing to check that the WiFi connection is working properly is to open Safari and try to access the Apple website. In case you do not access it is very likely that the problem is the Internet connection or the WiFi access point.

Download and Install button in gray on iPhone or iPad? Here is the possible solution

In case you detect this problem, what you must do is turn the router and the WiFi access point off and on . This way the connection will restart completely and when restarting it should connect without a problem.

Without a restart, after the device is still unable to access the Apple website (or any other website), you should contact your telephone company to check the connection and solve the problem.

It is also important to verify if the only thing that fails is the WiFi connection. For this, the idea is to connect a computer to an ethernet port of the router. If connected by cable allows you to surf the Internet normally you will know that the fault is the WiFi connection.

2.- Empty storage space on the device

IOS updates require a certain amount of disk space. In the screen of the update you will see the necessary space and if the device does not have enough space you will not be able to continue with the installation.

In most cases, it is possible to touch the Download and Install button, but afterward, it will indicate that there is not enough space and that you need to free up space to continue.

At this point, you will have to delete content to recover space, use some of the tips to free up storage space or choose to upgrade using iTunes.

3.- Check that the battery has enough charge

Another important point when updating an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is to have at least a 50% battery. If at the time of starting the update the device does not have the indicated amount of battery will not allow you to continue.

Download and Install button in gray on iPhone or iPad? Here is the possible solution

Our recommendation is to always keep the device connected to the power supply during an upgrade. With more than 50% it will surely suffice to complete it, but if for any reason it takes too long to have the device plugged into the current, it guarantees that it will not be turned off in the middle of the process; Which would force you to restore the device to recover it (with consequent loss of data).

4.- Remove the screen rotation lock.

This is perhaps the least intuitive solution of all, but according to reports from different users, it seems to work on many occasions.

It appears that the screen rotation lock function prevents iOS updates from being started normally. If you keep this option active you must deactivate it in order to start the update.

The steps to follow are these:

1.Access the Control Center by sliding your finger from outside the screen at the bottom up the screen.

2.Touch the screen rotation block icon (a padlock with a circle arrow) to disable the function.

After these two simple steps, you should be able to start the update normally from Settings – General – Software update.

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